New animation – Tells the story of NSW Aboriginal Languages and the Trust

  • Friday, 8 September 2023

Following the Trust’s establishment in March 2020, the Trust spent most of 2021 speaking to Aboriginal Languages practitioners, educators and Custodians, as well as the broader Aboriginal Community of NSW, about what the Trust should be doing to aid Communities in their self-determining Languages revitalisation work. This led to the creation of the Trust’s first ever 5-year Strategic Plan – you can find a copy of the Strategic Plan and the Consultations Outcome Report here.

What followed was the idea of bringing to life on screen this story and the history of NSW Aboriginal Languages.

The animation honours the history of NSW Aboriginal Languages through truth-telling – in our voice, through our lens.

Thank you to Studio Gilay who worked closely with the Trust to create a beautiful piece of work which respectfully captures the voices, culture and history of the Aboriginal people of NSW.

Here is our story animation video.