Aboriginal Languages Gathering

The Aboriginal Languages Trust curated a 3 day conference style event in which Language Practitioners and knowledge holders travelled from all Nations of NSW.

2022 Aboriginal Languages Gathering

The 2022 Aboriginal Languages Gathering was a conference hosted by the Aboriginal Languages Trust for Aboriginal Language practitioners, teachers and knowledge holders from across NSW. The two-and-a-half-day conference explored the reclamation of Language knowledges, how Communities are revitalising Languages, and the growth and nurturing of our Languages into the future. The Gathering is a space to share, learn and grow together in our Language journeys.

We as The Trust send our deepest gratitude to all attendees of the conference who gave their time, their knowledge and their presence to share, learn and grow our NSW Languages. To see so many passionate and caring peoples in attendance was extremely humbling. We are proud of everyone and feel immensely privileged to see our Elders continuing their contributions to Community, sharing knowledge and learnings to the current and next generation.

Watch the full video below.