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Aboriginal Languages Trust

Supporting NSW Aboriginal communities in the reawakening and growth of Aboriginal Languages so they continue to be seen and heard in everyday life.

About Us

Aboriginal Languages Trust

An Aboriginal-led NSW Government Agency. The Trust was established under the NSW Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 to provide a focused, coordinated, and sustained effort in relation to Aboriginal Languages activities at local, regional and State levels.

Languages Stories

Aboriginal Languages Community Video Stories

Across NSW, Aboriginal Languages are being reawakened by the love, commitment and hard work of Aboriginal Language Custodians and their Communities. The ALT  is working with Aboriginal Communities across NSW to gather the stories of the reawakening, growth and nurturing of their Languages.

Latest News

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New animation – Tells the story of NSW Aboriginal Languages and the Trust

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Friday, 8 September 2023

The animation honours the history of NSW Aboriginal Languages through truth-telling – in our voice, through our lens.

The Trust team travels to the PULiiMA 2023 Indigenous Languages and Technology Conference in Darwin

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Thursday, 7 September 2023

A delegation from the Trust team recently travelled to Darwin to attend the PULiiMA 2023 Indigenous Languages and Technology Conference.

Aboriginal Languages Week Announced in NSW

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Monday, 24 July 2023

Dedicated Aboriginal Languages Week to shine a spotlight on NSW Aboriginal Languages from 22 – 29 October 2023.

Languages Alive, Culture Thrives

NSW Aboriginal Languages Information

Australia is home to more than 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages, though many of these were significantly impacted by European colonisation.

For Aboriginal people, Language is a fundamental part of identity – a physical, intellectual and spiritual connection to culture, Country and community. Language is a verbal manifestation of the world's oldest living culture and has been connecting people to Country and Country since time immemorial. Through place names, songs, stories and ceremony Aboriginal Languages imbue the landscape with cultural meaning. 

Our Purpose

Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The NSW Aboriginal Languages Trust launched our 5 year Strategic Plan on 22 October 2022.

Consultations on the draft plan took place between March and December 2021 and sought feedback from a broad range of stakeholders to ensure the final plan reflects the perspectives, needs and aspirations of Communities and those involved in Languages activities. The consultations provided an important opportunity to hear Community voices and ensure they are guiding the work of the Trust.