$3.9 Million to Support Aboriginal Languages in NSW

  • Thursday, 20 July 2023

58 grants awarded to Aboriginal community groups and organisations under the 2022-2023 Aboriginal Languages Community Investment Program.

Funding for NSW Aboriginal languages activities by the Aboriginal Languages Trust has doubled in the past year, with 58 grants totalling $3.9 million being awarded to Aboriginal community groups and organisations.

A complete list of grant recipients is available.

The Chairperson of the Aboriginal Languages Trust Board, Jason Behrendt said the recent grants round takes the investment by the Trust into Aboriginal languages activities to $6 million in three years.

“Since it was established in 2020 the Trust has invested upward of $6 million directly to Aboriginal organisation and community groups across NSW to support their languages activities,” said Mr Behrendt.

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaty, David Harris said NSW is the only jurisdiction in Australia with legislation in place that recognises the importance of Aboriginal languages and is following through with a significant increase in funding for their revitalisation.

“Aboriginal languages in NSW are considered critically endangered and that must change to protect the cultural heritage of this State.” Minister Harris said.

“I am proud that this Government has more than doubled the investment into Aboriginal communities to support their efforts to reawaken and reclaim languages.

The grants available under the Aboriginal Languages Trust Community Investment Program have expanded since 2021 from one to three categories, with plans to continue growing them. They range from seed funding for Communities just starting out with Languages revitalisation to funds to continue Languages reclamation work.

Mr Behrendt said the increase in the range of grants in the past three years demonstrates the Trust can adapt to meet the needs of Aboriginal Communities.

“By expanding the range of grants the Trust can reach more Aboriginal communities to support their efforts to reawaken and reclaim languages.” Mr Behrendt said.

“The Trust’s vision is that all NSW Aboriginal languages are strong and healthy. We understand communities’ needs will evolve as their Languages grow and we must grow with them.”

The projects funded under the latest round of grants include the development and expansion of several language hubs across NSW, the delivery of on-country language and culture immersion camps and gatherings, and the development of language learning resources and the delivery of language classes within communities and childcare settings.

The Aboriginal Languages Revival Program provides small, seed funding to commence or build on smaller scale Languages revival projects. This is an open, competitive program ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 for one-off support to Aboriginal Community organisations and groups. A total of $562,728 was awarded to 26 recipients.

The Aboriginal Languages Sustainable Funding Program offers renewed funding ranging from $25,000 to $60,000 to Aboriginal Community organisations and groups funded from earlier rounds for the continuation and growth of successful projects. A total of $648,067 was awarded to 11 recipients.

The Aboriginal Languages Partnership Funding Program focuses on longer-term and strategic partnerships ranging from $25,000 to $200,000 with Aboriginal Community organisations and groups to build on successful languages initiatives. A total of $2,702,501 was awarded to 21 recipients.

The full list of Aboriginal Languages Community Investment Program Grant Recipients.