Joining the Trust

Are you looking to do more meaningful work? Want to feel rewarded and recognised for your contributions? Seeking a good work-life balance? Join the Aboriginal Languages Trust and be part of a friendly and passionate team of like-minded people.

All Aboriginal Languages Trust roles are advertised at and on social media. All applications must be lodged through I Work for NSW. Paper applications and late applications are not accepted.

I Work for NSW provides information to assist candidates complete their application. It is recommended that you refer to the section titled Apply for a Role on I Work for NSW for further information.

Working for us you must be

  • Committed to Aboriginal people determining their own future
  • Able to work collaboratively and value teamwork
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Open to new ways of working to deliver outcomes

If this is you, then apply for roles within the Aboriginal Languages Trust.

Careers Overview

Working for the Aboriginal Languages Trust offers several benefits including:

  • 35-hour week
  • Flexible work practices and flex-time
  • A work/life balance
  • Generous leave conditions including:
    • 4 weeks per year recreation leave
    • 15 working days per year paid sick leave
    • Study leave
    • 14 weeks paid maternity leave
    • Personal/carer’s leave
    • Family and community services leave – 5 days in any 2-year period

You will also be rewarded knowing that your work will benefit Aboriginal Communities across the state.